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          First of all my name is Eivan Kyle Bonita, I am eighteen and I was born in the Philippines in the city of Cebu. I came to New Zealand roughly two years ago and currently doing the Certificate of Design in Unitec. In this essay I will be describing the content, context, intent, subject matter, form of my artwork and the practical methods I use.

          For as long as I can remember I always loved drawing. Creating images from my mind and then giving them life, a story, a meaning, a purpose…I loved it. The content, context and the intent of my work has always been involved with where I come from. Coming from a country who has over ninety-one million people (91,077,287, July 2007 est.), the number of them who have the ability or talent to create marvellous works of art is enormous. Only the best of the best can benefit from this and get a reasonably standard job. Since the Philippines has a very low economy, where the poverty line exceeds over 40%, making art your career isn’t such a good idea. For people to even look at your work, you have to give each of your artwork everything. This is what I try to accomplish, to make each and every drawing or painting I create a masterpiece. Every detail of my work has to have a sense of perfection so that even the most arrogant, art-hating person can go up to my art and say, “That looks pretty good”.

          Although the Philippines has a pretty big “money issue” it is blessed with the most respectful, disciplined, profound and happy people I have ever seen in my life. Also, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world due to its many (7107 islands to be exact) exotic tropical islands. This is what I intend to do, to discipline each of my work and to give them a profound meaning or a message. I try to keep everything inline and keep it neat, I have patience when work so I can draw out its full potential. I put as much effort as I can in my work to show the viewers these things that appear in my mind.       

          Out of all the ways of creating art, I would have to say that drawing or sketching is my strength, it is my art form…it’s what I’m good at, it’s what I most enjoy doing. Some people say that it is best to explore many forms of art to see your true potential, so I’d say I’m pretty stubborn. I prefer to master my drawing skills before I change to a different media or form such as painting or sculpting. And for me to be able to master drawing, I should be able to compare myself to two of my most idolized artists I know, the great Michelangelo and favourite comic book artist Jim Lee.

          The image above is Michelangelo’s greatest masterpiece, the painting he did on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Even until now people still look in amazement of how he was able to create such fine image on the ceiling of a church. The detail of the images on the ceiling is so amazingly accurate that it inspired me to become like him. It was his gift, he was so amazing at what he did and for that he was known as the greatest artist of all time. He was immortalized by his work, remembered through time, and this is what I want to achieve. I want to create something so beautiful that it’ll somehow loose its meaning. I want to drown it’s meaning in beauty, so people get confused and try to figure out its significance and to make them forget that its just an artwork, since not everything beautiful has to have a meaning…it was just made that way to make you look.

            On the other hand Jim Lee has always been my favourite graphic artist. The way he draws something, his style, his technique is what I constantly desired to have. I had his comics since I was a kid and up till now I still try to replicate his images, combining it with my own approach. What I really did respect about his drawings are the poses and the emotions of his characters, also the proportion of their bodies, hands and faces all match flawlessly. It’s appealing to look at plus the lighting and the shading look so awesome that I mimic his style in shading. I noticed most of his drawings are muscly just like mine, the cross-hatching he uses while shading is what I use as well. Jim Lee is someone who I can definitely relate my artistic form to since I wanted to be like him. He’s not that famous but he’s great at what he does, look at the image above and see what I mean. 

          So now that I have analysed what I do, I would say the subject matter of my art conceptual, fantasy driven imagery. I tend to let my imagination run wild as I create creatures, monster and heroes from my mind. I enjoy doing this and I will want to improve myself. I to give life to the drawings I have to let people know more about myself, what I see inside my mind, what I like. Thus concluding this essay, I consider myself as a practitioner of graphic art, doing what I can to this world a more attractive place.


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